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A Calm Soothing Moonlit Rainstorm washing away your troubles w/divine healing rain from the heavens

Thank you for visiting our fresh new site. We are very pleased you could join us here. We look forward to providing you with vast insight into your life, through a deep connection to higher spiritual realms.

This is a gift we use to help uplift you & help you to find peace of mind & a guiding wisdom that you seek. We take these gifts & the advice we provide very seriously and we want to make you feel at home. A world of prosperity & hope awaits you all. Once you are able to connect to the spirit realm through us, you will begin to find yourself & your very own gifts of the higher senses start to awaken themselves. For the power to connect is within us all. We are here as guides to lend a helping hand to help clear away the fog of confusion often found in this day & age of the fast paced, rat race world. Many of us can be caught up in the maze & myriad of the typical corporate day to day 9-5 routine and the stress associated with finding your way within this labyrinth can prove difficult to deal with alone. It can be a daunting task to navigate these times in this space. We are here with crystal clear vision & insight into your life & times.. We will shed new light upon your plight with honest, caring, compassion, and spirit guided advice.

We do so through a utilization of the Doreen Virtue Archangelic Tarot Deck of Cards shown below:

We are very experienced & practiced in our craft. We know you can hone your intuitive skills too through us & our advice. This is where we differ from other tarot card readers, we seek to elevate your very own senses. We truly care about others. We often put others first ahead of ourselves, as we’re sure you as a compassionate soul have also done in life. This is nothing to feel guilty for and we know that in doing so you at times neglect your very own goals, dreams and ultimately your own happiness. We want to change this world for the better and that starts with you. We are more than just some impersonal tarot card readers, we are genuine gems, friends, diamonds you have found in the rough & tumble world, here to help out of actual concern for you. We love each & everyone of our clients. We will make certain that we respect your privacy and the integrity of our readings will be held to the highest standards. You will be treated with utmost respect and compassion. We truly know that every man, woman and child on this Mother Earth is facing their very own personal challenges & it at times seems like you are a one person army. We are here to reassure you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are your strongest allies in this seemingly hazy maze. We won’t abandon you or leave you to fend for yourselves. We will help to pull you through your times of need. Thanks for believing in us & we are believing in you, staying true to who you are.

Rain Dancer Tarot


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